Lexabean Build Your Own Diet & Exercise

Lexabean Build Your Own Diet & Exercise 3.25

Build your Own Diet & Exercise plus BYOB@Home (Rated 3 out...

Build your Own Diet & Exercise plus BYOB@Home (Rated 3 out of 4 stars by Fitness Magazine) Weight LossBased on your goals and vital information - our software will help you lose weight!

features include:The ability to set and track your goals Graphs and reports that show your progress. Track your exercises, and how many calories you burn while working out.

Search the entire USDA National Nutrient Database on your Pocket PC. With over 7000 entries - find information on many food groups. Several different ways to record your meals.

Sports Specific/Pre-planned WorkoutsOur staff of Certified Personal Trainers have put together a series of sports specific and pre-planned workouts.

Each workout includes:Videos for your Pocket PC & desktop showing proper form for each technique. A variety of equipment - all commonly found at your gym or home.

Recommendations for weight, sets and reps. Strength TrainingVideos for your PDA & PC: Browse 700+ videos of Certified Personal Trainers demonstrating how to perform each technique.

Pre-plan workouts: Plan your workouts before you workout. Work with a Personal Trainer: Download custom workouts from your Personal Trainer (or one of ours)  into your PDA.

Strength Training Diary: Record your workouts on your PDA, view & print reports from your desktop. 1 Rep Max Calculator Use your PDA to determine your 1 Rep Max.

Pocket PC Reports & Graphs: Including Cardio, Workout History & more. Cardio Workouts, Runners & TriathletesEnter and track all of your Cardio, Running and Triathletic workouts.

A Pace CalculatorFree Desktop ApplicationQuery By Example searching: Use our advanced query by example screens to search our extensive database of techniques.

Reports: View and print a collection of reports covering your workout history and equipment usage. Add your own Techniques: Enter your own techniques into the master database and use when pre-planning your workouts.

Lexabean Build Your Own Diet & Exercise


Lexabean Build Your Own Diet & Exercise 3.25